Click Fraud Defense

Pay per click (known as PPC) advertising now appears on virtually every Google search. These advertisements are used by businesses or people looking to increase traffic to their websites. For every person who clicks on one of these specialized links, the purchaser of the link will have to pay a small fee. Many businesses, such as law firms and insurance companies, put a great deal of their advertising money into this service. Even small businesses can see a drastic increase in business due to these links. Because of its popularity, some people have been trying to take advantage of the service by falsifying links. There are many potential incentives for individuals or businesses to do so.

The first incentive is to out-do competitors. A competing law firm may post a link for one term that has nothing to do with their specific law firm, though the link clicked upon may lead to their website. They may then steal their competitor’s business.

Another incentive behind a click fraud crime is to vandalize a reputation. A link with one name may instead lead to a web page that is intended to destroy the reputation of an individual or businesses.

Accusations of this crime can severely affect the reputation of a business or person. Defense against click fraud may be helped by the complicated nature of proving internet crimes. It is also very important because some states consider this crime to be a felony. Many people have been falsely accused of this offense. However, proving a lack of evidence may overturn a charge or reduce a sentence.

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