Employee Theft Defense

Employee theft accusations can result in harsh sentences, fines, and unwanted blemishes on your permanent record. The sentences vary by the number of counts of theft as well as the total amount of financial damage caused by the theft. Many times the situations are misread and the person is unjustifiably accused.

Accusations of employee theft against you can lead to the hardship of losing your job. it is very difficult to recover from these kinds of charges. Given this tough economy, not only is losing your job a catastrophe, but finding a job as a criminal can be nearly impossible. If the conviction is unjust and false, these charges can ruin a person’s life for no reason at all. This affects not only yourself, but also your friends and family. Unfair sentencing in employee theft cases is a common occurrence in both singular and multiple charges. It is likely that hiring a defense lawyer can help you reduce or eliminate the sentencing due to stealing the employer’s property.

If you have been accused of abusing company time, stealing products from the company, taking supplies, or taking cash, you have been charged with employee theft. Circumstances of these accusations very widely, but it is important to know that you have many different ways of protecting yourself from false accusations and unfair sentences. There are many great ways of avoiding the burdens that can plague you for years to come. Helpful information on defending yourself against employee theft charges can be found at Austin criminal attorney website of Ian Inglis.