Canada Immigrant Investor Program

Canada Immigrant Investor Program – one of the fastest method to migrate to Canada especially for investors – has been established by the Government of Canada in 1986 to attract experienced business people and investors whom are able to invest CAD $800,000 into Canada’s economy over a 5-year period (interest-free) and interested to settle in Canada except the province of Quebec.

The applicant requires to provide proof of minimum two years of business management experience within the previous five years, minimum net worth of CAD $1,600,000 (legally obtained. Ex. properties, bank accounts, investments, stocks, bonds etc.), make and investment of CAD $800,000 (interest-free) which can be financed by an approved financial institution approved by the government of Canada and meet certain health and security requirements.

In return, the approved applicant and his/her family (dependents) will obtain permanent resident status upon arrival in Canada and can live, work, study, and conduct business in Canada and also can enter and leave Canada freely and of course applying for Canadian citizenship after minimum three years after landing in Canada.

Also, for those whom wants migrate to Canada and live in Quebec province, they have to apply through Quebec Immigrant Investor Program; the program have slightly different requirements. You still need to have at least two years management experience plus invest $800,000 and provide documents proofing net worth of CAD $1,600,000 (legally obtained) and meet certain health and security requirements.

In general both Canada Immigrant Investor Program and Quebec Immigrant Investor Program are among the fastest method to migrate to beautiful Canada.