The Quick and Easy Processing of Canadian Work Visa: By an Applicant Or by an Employer

Statistics regarding the reported number of foreign nationals who migrate to Canada, reported hundreds of thousands foreign nationals every year. The reasons in migrating to Canada vary: economic; family sponsorship; students or tourists; and refugees or those who lost their citizenship but are given the opportunity to have it again as long as they return and live in Canada.

Almost every foreign national who migrated and is migrating to Canada wanted to have a permanent residence upon reaching the country. An applicant’s purpose in processing his requirements is to avail the Canadian work visa. This type of visa permits the future immigrant worker to stay in Canada and have the possibility of obtaining the citizenship which is the dream of every immigrant.

One of the easiest ways to obtain a Canadian work visa is through the category of skilled worker visa. This does not need the employer’s offer of employment and the many processes an applicant needs to undergo before an application can be accepted. Just meet these basic requirements:

A minimum of one year’s paid work experience. A proof of employment is also needed during the application process.

Sufficient settlement funds to support the family and any dependents while waiting for the work to start.

A 67 point which is the passable mark in the assessment test. The evaluation test is needed so that the government is assured that the applicant has the basic knowledge on the new country he is going to adopt; about its history and policies, politics and social aspects, the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens.

An adequate knowledge of the official language of the country to be able to communicate; which is important so that the immigrant’s settlement will be easier.

In times the employer is in dire need of skilled workers, the processing of the applicant’s Canadian work visa and working permit are processed in just a short time through the employment authorization of Canada, a Canadian work visa sponsored by the employers”. The maximum length of time the employer spent in getting this type of Canadian work visa is 6 weeks.

This type of Canadian work visa is used by the employers to facilitate the entry of senior executives and managers to the country.

There are work categories of foreign nationals whose applications need not be validated and the facilitation of Canadian work visa is easier:

  • Executives who work for the same company and transferred to branch in Canada
  • Religious and charitable volunteers who will fill the positions offered in Canada
  • Foreign educators who are an exchange professor of Canada
  • Professionals who avail the Post-graduate and Doctoral studies.
  • Movie filming and other documentary shootings in Canada.
  • Singers or performers who has a contract show in Canada