What Happens in the Fiancee Interview

The fiancee’s visa interview at the United States embassy or consulate is the final hurdle prior to actual issuance of the K-1 fiancee visa. We don’t want a nervous fiancee to trip going over that hurdle and fall on their face. The primary purpose of the fiancee interview is to determine whether a boda fide relationship exists and this determination is discretionary. It is not uncommon for a K-1 petition to be denied at this stage. In taking the preparation course for my bar exam, the written review materials contained sample questions that we might expect to see a version of. One of those actual questions appeared on the exam. I was able to write a 10 point answer on that question with my eyes closed. As many fiancee’s are nervous and tongue tied at interview time, it also operates in their best interests to give them an accurate idea of what to expect in their interview so they can also give 10 point answers.

A bona fide relationship with a genuine intent to marry and a well documented file will operate to ease the anxiety over the interview because the weight of the evidence of these three elements is already under the interviewer’s nose. Questions about the fiancee’s work or profession and educational background will be asked along with what his or her living arrangements are. Inquiries may be made into family relationships, including names. Fiancee should know the petitioner’s date of birth and where petitioner was born, their address and whether petitioner lives in a home, apartment or condominium.

Expect to be asked how, when and where you two met, how you communicate and how often you communicate. What is the petitioner’s age? Was he or she previously married? If so did the marriage end in divorce or death and when? If they have children, what are their names and ages and who do they live with? When and where to you plan to get married? Do they drink coffee or tea and how do they like it? What is the petitioner’s favorite food or color? How long since you last saw each other. How many times has petitioner visited you in your home country? Did petitioner meet your family. Did you have an engagement party? Do you plan on working in the United States. Are you planning on a family? Have you met any members of your fiancee’s family?

There is nothing mystical about these questions. Any couple with a bona fide relationship, a genuine intent to marry and a well documented file should be able to answer these questions with their eyes closed too.

Finally, the really stupid questions come. Are you a terrorist? Have you been or are you a drug addict or drug trafficker? Are you or have you ever been involved in prostitution? Yes, they will be asked questions of this nature. And then comes the dumbest question: Why do you want to marry your fiancee? Answer: Because I love my fiancee and want to be with him or her for the rest of my life.

The fiancee with a bona fide relationship, genuine intent to marry and well documented file should also be able to give 10 point answers with their eyes closed. As I always tell my clients, just tell the truth. Its the easiest thing to remember.