Workplace accidents are common occurrences although the severity varies based on the nature of the job and the circumstances surrounding the incident. Cuts, scrapes, bumps, and falls are likely to happen to anyone anywhere. Workplace accidents, however, are particularly concerning and not taken lightly because they are usually avoidable. Workplace ergonomics requires that work environments and spaces should comply with health and safety standards. However, the negligent behavior of companies and even colleagues can create a hazardous working environment and endanger the safety and wellbeing of employees.

If an employee is involved in an accident and sustains an injury in the workplace, certain steps are legally necessary to be taken to successfully file a compensation claim.

Document And Report the Incident.

This is a very important step and if possible, it should be done in that order and as soon as possible. Take pictures of the accident scene from different angles to get a panoramic glimpse of what the setting was like and the possible cause of the accident. Witness statements can and should be taken down. if one can access surveillance footage, it should also be done quickly. Thoroughly documenting the accident will protect the integrity of the scene and the victim’s claims and also ensure that nothing is tampered with. This is a very likely scenario as most companies will do everything to avoid liability. Also, most work accident policies require that the supervisor and or manager should be notified of the accident within 30 days of its occurrence. If the victim intends to file a claim, this should be done within the time frame as failure to do so will negate eligibility for benefits and compensation.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention.

The victim should also seek medical attention as soon as possible for two main reasons. First, to get treated for injuries. The severity of the injury sustained should not be underestimated. A medical professional must evaluate the injuries and treat them accordingly to prevent the possibility of further compromise. The second reason to seek medical attention is to get a professional medical report. This is important when seeking compensation as the medical report will help support the victim’s injury claims and prove the extent of the injury sustained. In a personal injury claim, the absence of a medical report can render the claim void.

Call A Personal Injury Attorney.

The next and most logical step is to call a personal injury lawyer. For the best personal injury attorneys Lafayette in Indiana offers legal practitioners who specialize in different personal injury niches. After getting medical attention, documenting the accident, and reporting to the appropriate authorities, an attorney should be contacted to carry on from there. Indeed, calling the attorney from the very beginning is also a good idea. This ensures that the victim is not overwhelmed by the complexities of personal injury cases. Having an attorney to simplify and deftly navigate their way around the legal system will greatly improve the chances of being favorably compensated.


It is important to understand the necessary actions that can be the difference between winning and losing a workplace personal injury claim. These few vital prompts will help a victim or victims stay one step ahead in their quest for justice after injury.

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