Three Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured and are looking to hire a law firm or an individual lawyer to get you the compensation you desire then there are some very important things you need to consider. I will cover the three we feel are the most important.

Just Any Lawyer Won’t Due

Don’t just call any lawyer; you need one who specializes in personal injury cases. Personal injury is a very particular area of law and when the stakes are so high, you want an expert in that area to represent you!

These lawyers know how the insurance industry works and how to get results. There is a lot more involved here than just getting money. A good injury lawyer will know how and where to access the various community services that will be big part on your road back to health.

I know this sounds rather “tired” but you want to ask for referrals from people they have represented in the past. Ask them for client referrals. Check them out on Google; you may be surprised by what you might find. It’s always best to interview at least to different lawyers / law firms before you make a decision.

What is Their Track Record?

Are they successful in getting their clients the help and money they are entitled too? What you want to know is what have been the amounts they have gotten for others in a similar circumstance. Just because, in most cases, the law firm will get a percentage of the final settlement that does not always mean the get the maximum amount possible. Maybe they settled out of court quickly just to make a fast buck.

Most of these cases are settled out of court but you still need to educate yourself as to what is fair and what is not. Because the recovery can span months or even years or maybe not at all, don’t settle just because you are advised to. Do your homework.

Good Communication!

Communication is a very important part of the process. Ask how and how often you will be updated and from whom. In personal injury cases there is an “immediate need” for information because there is pain and suffering and time is of the essence. You don’t want to be sitting around not knowing what is going on with your file. There is tremendous emotional stress attached to the physical injury and good communication is essential to your mental health and you’re over all recovery.