How Attorneys Assist in Foreclosures

Costa Mesa, California is a largely populated area that has seen a large rise in foreclosures. Many people are seeking the help of Foreclosure Attorneys in the Costa Mesa area to help them keep their homes. The court systems are getting so backed-up that it is impossible to keep up with the amount of foreclosed homes by the banks and other financial institutions. To date there are 2,784 foreclosures, 3,639 pre-foreclosures, and over 4,000 bankruptcies on the court docket.

When you are faced with a foreclosure on your home, it is wise to seek out a Foreclosure Attorney who can help put a stop to the foreclosure process, and assist you with your rights. Many people who have lost their jobs in the Costa Mesa area may find that their unemployment insurance is soon to expire, and might be wise to seek the council of a lawyer before they get put into foreclosure. It is easier for an attorney to take action on your part before you have been foreclosed.

It is not impossible for lawyers to help you after the foreclosure, but it is much safer to contact an attorney beforehand. You need a Foreclosure attorney in order to get good advice on your situation, and if you can, save your home. In the California area most foreclosures are the non-judicial foreclosures. When this type of foreclosure takes place, it is not necessary for the bank or lending institution to take you to court.

What has happened is, that when you signed the deed of trust you have given authorization for our banking institution to sell your property in order to satisfy the demands of the loan. This is a procedure that is called foreclosing on your property. You know in advance if you have not made your mortgage payments, and how many you can miss before the financial institution can start foreclosure and sell your property.

When you have been notified that your home loan is in default in Costa Mesa, then you should immediately consult with lawyers to find out what you can do to save your home from being foreclosed. There is good news for property owners in that President Obama has a new stimulus package to help save homes from foreclosure.

The process is complicated, and it does take the expertise of a foreclosure lawyer to help you apply for the package deal that the President has made available to homeowners. The Foreclosure Attorney will need to work with your financial institution, whether or not they are in Costa Mesa, to get them to lower your interest rate, and your monthly payments, so that you will be able to make the payments on your home. This process requires that you do have some sort of income in order to make the monthly payments. The financial institution will be entitled to a certain percentage of your income each month to be applied towards your mortgage.

These are all legal process’s that only a Foreclosure Attorney can attend to, and help you to prevent you from losing your home. You need to find out from your attorney if you qualify. The attorney will need to find out if your financial institution is willing to work with you, and what their requirements are before any formal arrangements can be made. When the Foreclosure Attorney takes your case, they will advise you of your rights, and what procedures that you may follow in order to comply with the foreclosure laws.