Tucson DUI Attorney – A Savior in Impaired Judgment Driving Offence

Driving under the influence precisely DUI is a traffic offence which is treated under different state laws in the United States of America. In the State of Arizona, DUI is categorized and penalized under the state law which defines different types of penalties under different categories of offenses which a person is charged with. There are three major categories, which, an offender is always charged against. There can be different penalties based on the severity of the charges filed against the offender. In any sort of charges, a Tucson DUI Attorney is the best survivor to get your due right.

Categories of Offences

There are three major classifications of DUI offences which are normally charged against the offender; the offender can be charged with one, two are all three categories under the impaired physical and judgment conditions of the offender at time of scrutiny and tests.


It is unlawful to either drive or take control of motor car under the influence of intoxicating liquor, drugs, vapors or any combination of the three. Above mentioned factors impair your judgments and driving under influence of the same will be prosecuted.


It is unlawful to drive or take control of motor car, if blood alcohol concentration ‘BAC’ is 0.8 percent or higher, the driver will be handcuffed under this category.


Offender can be charged with this category of offences, if driver or person who controls the motor is found with BAC level of 0.15 percent or more within 2 hours of driving.

All of above mentioned categories are charged on certain tests made by the officer who suspects the driver of being under influence; in such conditions it is very difficult for a common person to defend his/her position. Tucson DUI attorneys are the best and well qualified person to contact to. Attorney should always be approachable to cope with such situations to avert any prolonged stay in jails and weakening the position of defense against the charges filed by the prosecution. There are certain good reasons to hire a better attorney, few of them are; he always keeps himself/herself well aware of the rules and changes of the same, he/she is well acquainted with State laws and rights of a person, a better bargaining of bail out amount in the court and many more.

A good Tucson DUI attorney always knows the better way outs for any sort of offenses charged against his or her client in the court. He/she would be in very good position to advise the client about the possibilities of the cases and work out in proper direction to materialize the case winning chances. Above all, Tucson DUI attorney knows all weak and strong points of the cases to reach at desirable results.