When Applying For Lawsuit Loans, Clarify Whether You Are Wearing Your Seatbelt

We all regret the number of lives lost each and every year due to injuries sustained in car crashes. They are certainly tragic, irrespective of the reasons behind them. It is important to note that it is estimated that 83% of the deaths occurring annually may be prevented by the proper use of seat belts and airbags. If you’re considering obtaining either lawsuit loans or settlement loans, it is important to clearly identify whether you were utilizing such a restraint at the time of the crash.

Every time we get behind the wheel of an automobile, we risk injuring others, as well as ourselves. It is very important that we utilize due-diligence when we are on the road. With the increased number of vehicles occupying the roadway, as well as an increasing number of elderly individuals driving on those roadways, the need to be observant when we are driving has never been more crucial.

Unfortunately, many times we get behind the wheel of a car and take very little thought of the possibility of an injury occurring. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, were able to to travel to and from our destination without incident. This may result in a lackadaisical approach to understanding the importance of utilizing your seatbelts and the importance of having an airbag that is functional in your vehicle.

Why would it be important to notify individuals whether you actually utilize your seatbelt in a car crash that occurred if you’re applying for either a lawsuit loan or a settlement loan? There are numerous reasons this would be important to take into consideration. However, one of the most important reasons will be the extent to which you exercised due-diligence when you’re on the roadway and the degree to which you attempted to mitigate damages sustained. This will also be an important factor with respect to other occupants of that vehicle involved in the crash. This is particularly true with all minors.

It is also important for you to notify your physician about whether you were wearing any type of a restraint at the time of the incident. There is a lot of information that a competent physician is able to glean from knowing whether such a restraint was used. For example, injuries sustained in a car crash by those who do not wear a seatbelt are often much more severe than those who do wear a seatbelt. Furthermore, individuals who wear a shoulder harness are much less likely to sustain some the shearing forces that will affect those individuals who merely employ a seat restraint. Although, airbags can be extremely helpful even in those instances in which only a seat restraint is used.

Always be truthful with those individuals who will be representing you in your lawsuit. This is true regarding your physician, your attorney, and those from whom you seek either a lawsuit loan or a settlement loan. Remember, lawsuit loans and settlement loans are non-recourse. Such funding will be reviewed very carefully. Any attempts to misrepresent the circumstances surrounding the car crash are likely to result in a denial of any request for litigation funding.