Why Are There So Many Car Accidents Happening on Today’s Roads?

The country has been experiencing a wave of vehicle accidents on its busy roadways. Car accident are not something anyone wants to have happen. Besides potential injuries, there are serious accident costs to repair your vehicle and then there will be the issue of driving in the future. Your insurance rates are surely to go up if you are found to be at fault. Why are so many car accidents happening? There are many reasons and some suggestions to avoid them:

1. There are more drivers on the roads than ever before. The country is a growing and the freeways and roads have never been busier.

2. More people are spending more time on the roads. There are just simply more drivers, driving for longer periods of time.

3. To avoid traffic drivers could check with Sigalert but very few do.

4. Busy area drivers are distracted while on the road. Police report that the main cause of accidents is drivers being distracted while on the roads. In interviewing several experienced Highway Patrol officers they said in 2011 there were increased incidents of car accidents from cell phone usage, texting, and eating food or consuming a beverage instead of focusing on the road.

5. One car crash happened when two drivers, neither of which was paying attention, were both distracted. One was looking at the ocean and the other was texting.

6. This country seems to be home to fast drivers. There were many that have been hurt in car accidents as a result of speeding. On a good day, the average speeds on freeway around the country can exceed 85-90 MPH. That’s more than 20% above the legal speed limit for driving. We know from speaking with motorcycle accident lawyers that many of the motorcycle accidents involve speeding. The chances for a fatality increase significantly if there is speeding involved in an accident.

7. The country has many distractions. One of the worst for drivers can be weather. The chances that you will have more blind spots from the brightness of the sun’s rays or from too much rain or snow has the potential to contribute to a car crash.

The best suggestions for drivers throughout the beautiful country is take great care while on the highways and roads. Don’t be distracted, don’t speed, and prepare for traffic and lots of other drivers being out there while on the roadways.