What is Car Lemon Law in New York?

If a car dealer/manufacturer sells you a trouble-prone/defective car in New York, you can have recourse under the lemon car law.

If your certified pre-owned or new car also ends up having a lot of issues in the first 18,000 miles, which can’t be repaired after several attempts, you can be entitled to a complete refund of your car price.

Normally, this lemon law in New York covers trucks, motor homes, demo models, powered wheelchairs, watercraft, and motorcycles.

The Purpose of Car Lemon Law in the State

The car lemon law offers legal remedies for people who are lessees or buyers of new vehicles, which turn out to be lemons.

If a vehicle doesn’t conform to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer and written warranty or its dealer is not able to repair it after a few attempts in the first 18,000 miles, the consumer may choose a comparable replacement vehicle or a full refund.

Which Cars Are Covered?

The lemon law in New York usually covers both used and new cars, including motorcyclists and demonstrators, that satisfy a few conditions, like the car either was transferred, leased, or bought in the state or is presently registered.

The car must also be covered by an express warranty of the manufacturer at the time of delivery and was transferred/leased/purchased in the first two years from the original delivery.

Motor homes can also be covered under this law, apart from defects, which are residential in character. But motor home complaints are subject to the special notification as well as other requirements. Examples of cars, which new car lemon laws can cover are:

  • Used vehicles with less than two years old or 18,000 miles
  • New vehicles received as gifts from friends and registered in the state
  • New vehicles leased or bought from dealers in New York and registered in NJ
  • New vehicles leased or bought from a dealer in NJ and registered in New York

How a Vehicle Qualifies for Lemon Law

If your vehicle has been in the garage shop for 30 days or so within two years, it is possible to file a case under the New York Lemon Law.

Similarly, if you experience paint issues or the same type of problems, including water leaks and electrical issues, you can as well file the case with or without an attorney’s help.

Pursuing Lemon Law Rights

If your used or new vehicle’s ongoing defects are not resolved within the timeframe allotted to a manufacturer, you may pursue lemon law rights in New York.

To start the process of having a new vehicle deemed a lemon, you will need to fill out a request for arbitration form. For used vehicles, you are expected to fill out what is called a car-specific request for arbitration form.

In both cases, it would be wise to consult a legal expert. Usually, the legal process is complex, and only an attorney familiar with lemon laws can help to navigate everything.

Final Remarks!

You don’t require an attorney for your claim. However, working with one can improve your odds of getting compensated and protect your lemon legal rights.

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