Choosing An Accident Claim Lawyer For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Have you recently been involved in an accident that not only caused you pain and injury but has also put you through a large amount of post-traumatic stress? Post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition that often occurs in people who have been through a tragic ordeal, such as an extreme car accident, involvement in a war, physical abuse or other instances where you can be both physically and emotionally scarred. As you are trying to find an accident claim lawyer to represent you in your personal injury case, it is recommended that you find an accident claim lawyer who is familiar with post-traumatic stress disorder as well.

Since we all have a different emotional makeup, it is difficult to tell at first if a person will be affected by PTSD after an injury. But as time goes on the injured person will begin showing signs of the disorder if they do indeed suffer from it. Some of these symptoms may include…

• Disturbing recollection of the traumatic events which leads to distress

• Reoccurring dreams or nightmares about the event

• Feeling like the event is occurring over and over again

• Psychological distress when faced with other instances that are reminiscent of the accident

• Detachment from friends and family (depression and anxiety may set in)

• Avoiding activities or going to places that may trigger unwanted thoughts about the event

Fortunately, there is some good news if you find that you are struggling with this condition. You can seek psychological help so that you can get back to your old self once again. Also, you can find an accident claim lawyer in your area that specialises in cases that involve PTSD to help you gain more compensation for your claim. Choosing the right accident claim lawyer to assist you in your case will help to determine whether or not you will receive additional compensation for PTSD.

If you would like to include your post-traumatic stress condition in your case, it is recommended that you go with a solicitor who has plenty of experience working on cases involving post-traumatic stress disorder. When working with this type of accident claim lawyer, it is very important that you give them all of the details about the accident itself as well as what you are going through both physically and mentally. If you are already seeing a psychologist and have been diagnosed with PTSD, then ask for a copy of your records so that you may allow your accident claim lawyer to use them in your case. Although it may be difficult, it is vital that you are completely honest with your accident claim lawyer so that they can get you all of the financial compensation possible by using the details and medical proof you provide them with.

As previously mentioned, it is best to locate an accident claim lawyer who has several years of experience working with post-traumatic stress disorder cases – but why? Well, they will know more about how the system works when it comes to getting around any problem areas and providing you with the results you deserve than a new accident claim lawyer who has not dealt with PTSD cases. Choose the accident claim lawyer that you feel most comfortable speaking with since you will have to discuss the details of your experiences with them. The more that you are able to share with them about your PTSD, the better off you will be in the end.